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We don't just offer medical and ancillary products. We have extra products & services that address our members' unique needs.





COBRA - Administrating COBRA & State Continuation of Coverage

Administrating COBRA can be a burden. HealthPass eases this burden by offering COBRA Administration Services. With this service, COBRA members are sent payment coupons directly to their home, submit monthly payments directly to HealthPass and receive a separate annual renewal to review plan options. They also have access to HealthPass Client Services to answer detailed benefit related questions.

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POP Kit Section 125

Premium Only Plan (POP) - is one of the simplest benefits an employer can offer, and it delivers real savings to employees and their company. By allowing employees to pay their portion of premium costs BEFORE taxes, employees typically save 25% or more and the employer benefits from nearly 8% in FICA savings. However, to deduct employee premium costs pretax, you MUST have a plan summary document. By taking advantage of Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, employers can save money for their employees and themselves.

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Health Advocacy

All employees enrolled in medical coverage, excluding COBRA members, have access to health advocacy. Health advocacy help members solve problems and find solutions. They can help with finding specialists, resolving insurance claims and obtaining approval for needed services.

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Pet Insurance

Save some bones on vet bills with My Pet Protection from Nationwide. My Pet Protection is available exclusively to HealthPass members and gives your pet superior protection at an unbeatable price.

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Cat Protection Rates

Dog Protection Rates

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Your Hearing Network - A Hearing Benefit Program

With the Your Hearing Network Discount Plan, members can save over 40% on premium hearing aids and free hearing evaluations.

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